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Located on the South Side of Indianapolis, Paradox Dental is your dental home for the long-term care of your natural smile. Drs. Robin and Carole Thoman are dedicated to helping patients and families enjoy a smile that is healthy, comfortable and beautiful, supporting your best quality of life. Our dental office is family friendly and offers state of the art dental health care for patients of all ages under one roof. Dr. Robin Thoman is carrying on a family legacy of dentistry began in 1965 by his father, providing family dental care in his native Indiana.

Drs. Thoman and Thoman believe in relationship dentistry and take a personalized approach to your care in our office. Taking the time to get to know you, we strive for the most conservative dentistry when addressing your oral health needs and desires. Our goal is to “get it right the first time” through treatment planning that is based on communication, education and informed decision making on the part of both dentist and patient.

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The Patient Experience

We believe that everyone should feel good about their smile. Paradox Dental is committed to the best possible patient experience, beginning when you enter our waiting room. We want you and your family to look forward to visiting us twice a year and to feel comfortable in our office. We understand that for some patients, the dental office can be stress-inducing or cause feelings of anxiety. It is our hope that we can help you to receive the dental care you need or desire with minimal stress, boosting your confidence with education about your dental care or providing dental sedation options.

A Team Approach

Dr. Robin Thoman and Dr. Carole Thoman offer the benefit of a team approach to your oral health needs. Both experienced and highly trained dentists, Drs. Thoman and Thoman each have their own unique skills and areas of special interest within the broader field of dentistry. As a team, they can offer comprehensive care under one roof for a wide range of dental health services. Your needs and goals are evaluated and met with dental care that is recommended as a result of consultation between all pertinent members of our team. This provides the foundation for a result that is predictable, stable and lasting.

Preserve, Restore, Create

These are the tenets of our dental practice and how we approach the care we provide to you and your family. The first goal is to preserve the natural structure of your mouth through preventive dental care that is tailored to your unique needs. Routine dental care, healthy oral habits and an understanding of what your risk factors are will provide a foundation for the successful maintenance of your smile.

Supporting your long-term dental health may require restoring your smile to address damage or tooth loss. Our team-oriented approach combined with advanced treatment options means a standard of care that is hard to replicate and delivers the best possible result with the least amount of dentistry.

When choosing to enhance the appearance of your smile, we will work with you to evaluate your aesthetic needs and provide a treatment plan that meets these goals while supporting long-term oral health and wellness. Drs. Thoman use “skillful artistry” to address cosmetic concerns, combining their scientific knowledge with aesthetic expertise that is the result of years of experience and training.

Schedule A Dental Visit at Paradox Dental

Drs. Robin and Carol Thoman welcome and treat patients from many communities in Southside Indianapolis including Greenwood and Southport. To schedule a visit to our office please call (317) 865-1300 or request one online.