Teeth Whitening Southside Indianapolis, IN

Teeth Whitening An Overview

Teeth that are stained, yellowing or darkening in color can also lend to a more aged appearance. Brightening your smile with a teeth whitening procedure can provide an instant confidence boost and a quick smile makeover for a special occasion, wedding or reunion. Teeth whitening can be completed in the comfort of your home using a custom take-home kit and professional bleaching products.

There are certain types of tooth stains that are resistant to professional teeth whitening. We will evaluate the condition of your smile to determine if teeth whitening is right for you and will meet your expectations. Genetics, medical conditions and certain medications can discolor teeth permanently in some cases. Drs. Thoman and Thoman offer alternative cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to address tooth stains that are resistant to tooth whitening, often with lasting results. We may recommend:

  • Dental crowns: for a single discolored tooth a dental crown can be color matched to the rest of your natural smile.
  • Tooth bonding: if one or more teeth are mildly stained or discolored, tooth bonding can be used to brighten your smile.
  • Porcelain veneers: for deep discoloration, several affected teeth or if you desire a permanent, customized result, porcelain veneers can be placed.

Dentist in Indianapolis, Drs. Carole and Robin Thoman can help you brighten the appearance of your smile with a safe, effective tooth whitening treatment choice that best suits your aesthetic goals.

Teeth Whitening What to Expect

The first step is to examine your smile and determine the cause of your tooth discoloration or stains. It is also beneficial to whiten a smile that is clean and healthy. If you are in need of a dental cleaning we will perform this before scheduling your teeth whitening for the best result.

A take-home kit will require a brief Indianapolis dentist office visit for taking dental impressions. These are used to create custom fit bleaching trays that will be placed over your teeth for a specified amount of time each day, for about 2 weeks. A custom, professional take-home kit will provide superior results that appear gradually. The bleaching trays offer important benefits when compared to over the counter options:

  • Consistent delivery of bleaching gel over tooth surfaces
  • Minimizes exposure of gums and soft tissues
Dr. Robin Thoman

Why choose Paradox Dental?

Paradox Dental is your Southside Indianapolis area dental home for the complete care of your oral health. Dr. Carole and Dr. Robin Thoman offer patients of all ages individualized care for the maintenance of a healthy smile and advanced treatment options for complex needs and cosmetic concerns.

Our team approach to your dentistry means comprehensive evaluation and care under one roof. From mercury-free dentistry to oral surgery and implant dentistry, Drs. Thoman are dedicated to helping you achieve a smile that is comfortable, functional and beautiful.