Indianapolis dentist supports TeamSmile

Drs. Thoman and Thoman work with TeamSmile to provide free dentistry to underprivileged children within our community in Indianapolis, IN. Our partnership with the Indian Pacers and TeamSmile gives us the ability to provide life-changing dental care to children who would otherwise go without.

From The Desk of Dr. Thoman

“At its core, Team Smile is about doing the right things in the right way for the right people. Team Smile offers dental professionals like you and me a unique opportunity – in a fun, one-day setting – providing underserved children caring, compassionate dental care.

Team Smile events are truly rewarding. They certainly have been for me. It’s hard to see these events occur without feeling good for the work we have done and that I was part of the team that helped make it happen.

Mix together easy-to-understand educational tools about brushing, flossing and regular dental visits. Blend in the energy and excitement of professional sports like an NBA, MLB or NFL team and you have the “sweet spot” of dental care as a positive experience for deserving kids.

In addition to providing dental care to friends and families in my own neighborhood for nearly three decades, I also serve as the team dentist for the Indiana Pacers. It’s rare, but fortunate to have one’s professional and personal passions intersect in such a beneficial, meaningful way as I find mine doing in the case of Team Smile, dentistry and the Pacers.

Having been involved in Team Smile’s dental outreach events in Indianapolis a few years now, I’ve witnessed firsthand the amazing connections that happen when children, dentists, and sports teams are brought together. It really is undeniably positive, not only for the youngsters treated, but for those of us providing their care.

Team Smile does what few others do. Their events are unique opportunities for you and me as dentists to use our hands, eyes and minds to touch kids’ lives. Everything is supplied for us. For a day, we have the chance to practice in an unusual, but fun location. You can come alone or bring any number of fellow teammates. Hygienists, clinical assistants and even the business team can pitch in with this inspiring experience. Everyone wins!

Having outlined the reasons for you to become involved, I’m simply asking that you think about the opportunity. I’m confident you will appreciate similar rewards. If you want more details of my positive experiences, I’m happy to share them. Give me a call at my office at 317-865-1300 to learn more. Kellie Reneau at Team Smile is the creative and organizing mastermind behind hundreds of Team Smile programs around the country. She can answer your questions as well: 816-595-8326.  You can call her to learn how to host a day in your city or town with your favorite team.”

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