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6 Reasons to Keep That Upcoming Dentist Appointment

We get it: going to the dentist isn’t always the most fun thing to do, but your body may be telling you it’s time to see a dentist. Indianapolis dental office Paradox Dental Center offers comprehensive dentistry for all ages,…


Why Do People Get Dental Implants?

Have you lost or damaged teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease?  Or maybe you lost or broke a tooth in a sports injury or auto accident? Dental implants can be a good choice for tooth replacement for adults…


What Do Dentists Think of Charcoal Toothpaste?

Activated charcoal is now a featured ingredient in many commercially-available products such as face wash, makeup, and now, even toothpaste as a way to naturally whiten teeth. But does it actually work for this purpose or is it simply a…


The Link Between Your Mouth and Your Overall Health

While the eyes are the window to the soul, your mouth is the window to a view of your overall health. Many health problems show up in the mouth, and other problems originate in the mouth. This mouth-body link is…


How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants are an excellent option for long-term replacement of missing and damaged teeth as they look, feel and function just like natural teeth and only need the same care and maintenance. But how long do dental implants last? The…


How Can I Have the Best Oral Health?

Even people who aren’t having problems with their teeth need to stay vigilant in the fight against tooth decay. Good oral hygiene and seeing your dentist every six months will protect your teeth against cavities and gum disease. Paradox Dental…


Dental Implants vs. Bridges: Which is Best?

There have been major strides in dental technology has advanced in the last 30 years, specifically in the area of tooth replacement. People that are missing teeth now have several great options available to restore their smiles. Dental bridges are…


What To Know: Dental Crowns

Hopefully, you will be fortunate enough never to need a dental crown. However, life happens, and so do accidents. Whether you play contact sports in your spare time or have been hurt at work, you may have suffered a damaged tooth…


Why You Should Deal With Crooked Teeth Today

Crooked teeth are something that a large majority of us will have to deal with at some point in our lifetime. Unless of course, you have excellent genetics and are blessed to never had an injury to your face that would…


What Does It Mean If My Gums Are Bleeding?

Why Are My Gums Bleeding? Brushing too hard, injury, pregnancy, and inflammation are all factors that can contribute to bleeding gums. Gum inflammation can cause redness, swelling, and tenderness, and it can be a sign of gum diseases, such as gingivitis or periodontitis.…