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Paradox Dental offers comprehensive, diagnostic care for dental concerns. Our goal is to identify the underlying cause of your problem and provide personalized dentistry to restore and stabilize your oral health. Dental problems can also impact your physical health and well-being and should be addressed as soon as possible. Early intervention can often enable a conservative approach to be effective and will help patients minimize the risk of permanent damage.

Dr. Robin and Dr. Carole Thoman have been helping patients maintain their dental health and avoid or address dental concerns for over 20 years. They provide a team approach to your dental health needs and patients benefit from their wide breadth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of dentistry. Paradox Dental places an emphasis on the importance of preventive dental care and the development of a daily oral hygiene routine that also addresses the unique risk factors of the individual patient. From minor tooth decay to advanced treatment for missing or damaged teeth, Drs. Thoman can meet your needs in our Southside Indianapolis dental practice.

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Do you have tooth pain?

Tooth pain, sensitivity or changes in the color of a tooth can have a wide range of possible causes and should be examined in our office. Tooth pain can indicate a cavity, damage or infection and Drs. Thoman and Thoman will recommend the most appropriate treatment to relieve discomfort and restore oral health.

Do you need to replace missing teeth?

Lost teeth can have a broad impact on many aspects of your health and quality of life. When a tooth is lost or removed, prompt replacement will stabilize and support your dental health and avoid the onset of complex problems that could eventually limit treatment options.

Are your teeth worn or chipped?

Teeth that are chipped, cracked or appear worn and flat can indicate an underlying bite problem. We will evaluate all aspects of your teeth, gums and jaw joints to look for the imbalance that is leading to tooth damage. Malocclusion, teeth grinding and TMJ related problems may need to be addressed as part of your restorative treatment plan.

Do you have a poorly fitted denture or bridge?

A denture or dental bridge that slips or irritates the gums is probably making it difficult to eat and speak comfortably and impacting your daily quality of life. Drs. Thoman and Thoman can work with you to create a more stable or permanent smile using dental implants.

Do you snore?

Not all snoring is a sign of a sleep disorder, but if you or your partner snore at night it should be discussed and evaluated. Sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing can put you at risk for larger health problems, including sudden heart attack and stroke. We can coordinate the proper sleep study and care with a physician who can provide a medical diagnosis and recommend the best treatment for your needs.

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Paradox Dental welcomes new patients to our dentist office in the Southside of Indianapolis. Drs. Robin and Carol Thoman can provide comprehensive evaluation, dental care and second opinions regarding complex concerns. They offer a unique team approach to your oral health needs and cosmetic goals for a result that is personalized to your smile, stable and lasting.