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General dental services are the foundation of a healthy smile, focused on the maintenance of tooth structure, gum health and the function of the bite. Dr. Carole Thoman and Dr. Robin Thoman are experienced Southside Indianapolis general dentists who have maintained an ongoing commitment to advanced education and training in all aspects of your oral health care. They work with children, teens, and adults to establish and maintain healthy smiles that support the best possible quality of life.

General dental services offered at Paradox Dental include:

The team at Paradox Dental believes in the value and benefit of building relationships with patients, taking the time to get to know them and understand their unique risk factors for dental concerns and disease. Our goal is to help patients learn about their dental health and to educate them on how to care for their natural smile between routine visits in an effort to avoid common dental problems and the need for invasive treatments. A smile that looks good, is healthy and feels great will also support your overall health and well being in many ways.

Cavity Prevention: the key to a lasting smile

Tooth decay and associated effects on oral health can compromise the structure of your teeth and your smile. Avoiding tooth decay and treating any signs of decay as early as possible will minimize the impact on the integrity of your smile. Routine dental care and good daily oral hygiene are the building blocks of a lasting healthy smile. During routine visits, we screen for the signs of developing concerns, perform a thorough professional dental cleaning and work with you to address any concerns or goals you may have.

Our personalized approach to the care of your smile will help you to maintain your dental health and keep you informed about risk factors affecting your smile based on your lifestyle habits or overall health history. For younger patients, we provide age-appropriate patient education and take the time to teach them how to brush and floss effectively as they become more independent. Fluoride treatments as needed, dental sealants and clear braces are offered in our family-friendly office for the changing needs of a growing smile.

Why Visit the Dentist?

Routine dental visits play an important role in the maintenance of both oral and overall health. Poor oral health has been scientifically linked to an increased risk of health problems associated with increased internal inflammation including cardiovascular and systemic disease. For patients with existing health concerns, poor oral health can exacerbate symptoms. It is also important to note that certain medical conditions and medications can have side effects that may compromise your oral health.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy with regular screenings and cleanings supports your overall health and well being. A comfortable and functional bite allows for a normal diet, a confident smile and stable gum health minimizes the risk of harmful bacteria impacting the body.

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We welcome new patients and families from many communities in the greater Indianapolis metro area including Greenwood and Southport. To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists, contact our office at (317) 865-1300 or request one online.