Dentist in Southport, IN

A healthy smile plays an important role in a healthy, vibrant life. Paradox Dental is a second generation family and cosmetic dental practice serving Southport and the communities of southern Indianapolis. Dr. Carol and Dr. Robin Thoman offer a team approach to the long term care and maintenance of your natural smile so that you can enjoy your best quality of life.

Preventing Tooth Decay: Routine Dental Care in Southport

The prevention of tooth decay is the foundation of our routine dental care program for patients of all ages. Tooth decay affects children and adults and can lead to damage to the teeth and gums that will require restorative treatment to resolve.

We recommend visiting with us twice a year for dental exams, cleanings, and screenings for decay, gum disease and other signs of oral health concerns. Our personalized dental care is based on relationship dentistry, focusing on the unique needs of the individual patient.

If a dental filling is needed to address tooth decay, we are a mercury free practice and offer metal-free fillings that will complement the color of your teeth for a seamless result.

Maintaining healthy gums: support a stable smile.

Drs. Thoman also emphasize the significance of maintaining gum health. Healthy gums will support healthy, stable teeth. The gums also play an important role in the stability of your overall health and well being. Poor oral health and gum disease are linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular and systemic related disease.

Our team will evaluate the condition of your gums during exams and discuss your health history and any lifestyle habits that could impact your ability to maintain gum health. For patients with chronic gum disease or those with medical conditions that affect their oral health, we take the time to provide appropriate care and advice for avoiding complex problems.

Creating beautiful smiles in Southport.

Your smile should look and feel great, helping you be the best version of you each day.

Paradox Dental is home to a team of highly trained and experienced cosmetic and restorative dentists. We can address your restorative needs to get you back to smiling comfortably and confidently again. Drs. Thoman also work with patients in all stages of life to create beautiful new smiles with cosmetic dental treatments.

Your new smile will be designed to support the health and stability of your long term dental health while achieving your aesthetic goals. It’s never too late to whiten, brighten, repair or straighten your natural smile.

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Paradox Dental welcomes new patients to our office and looks forward to being a partner in your healthcare. To schedule a dental appointment in our office please contact us at (317) 865-1300 or request one online.