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Dr. Robin Thoman and Dr. Carole Thoman welcome patients and families to Paradox Dental located on the South Side of Indianapolis. We provide a full menu of dental services for the long-term maintenance of a healthy smile. Our team emphasizes the many benefits of optimal oral health through comprehensive and personalized preventive dental care, taking the time to get to know our patients as individuals and identify their unique risk factors for common concerns. Our goal is to educate you, consult with you and make recommendations for dentistry that is best suited to meet your needs and goals for the health and beauty of your smile.

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Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can affect patient of all ages, even baby teeth. Preventing tooth decay and cavities is a key component of routine dental care and daily oral hygiene. Keeping the teeth healthy and the natural tooth structure intact for as long as possible supports the healthiest smile and minimizes the need for dental treatments beyond cleanings and exams. Our team screens for the early signs of decay when you visit and takes the time to discuss lifestyle habits, medical conditions or any other factors that could impact your oral health and lead to decay.

We offer experienced general dental services for children and adults in Southside Indianapolis for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums:

Restoring A Damaged Smile

Tooth damage and loss affect both oral health and overall well-being. In addition to dental concerns that arise, most patients experience diminished self-confidence about their appearance and may even avoid interaction so they don’t have to smile. Drs. Thoman and Thoman can give you back the ability to smile confidently and comfortably with personalized restorative dental care. Repairing or replacing teeth will improve your quality of life and stabilize the health of your smile.

Smile Makeovers in Southside Indianapolis

Drs. Robin and Carole Thoman can develop a personalized cosmetic treatment plan for patients desiring to enhance the beauty of their smile or address cosmetic concerns. They take a comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry and will address any underlying dental concerns as part of your overall treatment for the most stable and lasting result.