Sedation Dentistry Southside Indianapolis, IN

Sedation Dentistry An Overview

Drs. Carole and Robin Thoman welcome patients who have been avoiding the dentist and offer personalized care in a compassionate environment. We take the time to speak with you and understand your concerns and to educate you on all aspects of recommended dental care. For many fearful patients, the chance to discuss previous bad experiences at the dentist or to learn more about their dental care can alleviate feelings of stress. We strive to help our patients develop confidence in their smile as well as their ability to keep it healthy through good oral hygiene and routine dental care.

Sedation Dentistry: What are the benefits?

Dental sedation can enable an anxious or fearful patient to receive the dental care they need without feeling stressed. Drs. Carole and Robin Thoman offer sedation dentistry and can work with you to determine the safest option for your needs. Dental sedation, also known as conscious sedation allows the patient to be alert and responsive while feeling somewhat euphoric and stress-free. Most patients do not remember the procedure afterward.

We offer oral sedation and Nitrous Oxide. Our dentists in Indianapolis IN will discuss your medical history prior to your appointment to ensure both safety and comfort during treatment. Dental sedation can often enable patients to receive multiple dental treatments during one visit, a benefit for those who suffer from dental anxiety and need to restore their dental health after a prolonged lack of dental care.

Sedation Dentistry What to Expect

We will discuss your concerns, needs and your medical history before recommending the most appropriate option for sedation. Paradox Dental offers two types of conscious sedation:

  • Oral sedation: Dr. Thoman can prescribe an oral sedative, often with an at home dose. Oral sedation will require you to arrange for transportation to and from your appointment.
  • Nitrous Oxide: an inhalation sedation, Nitrous Oxide is administered through a tiny cannula placed beneath the nose. One of the benefits of using this type of sedation is that it takes effect and wears off almost immediately, allowing most patients to drive themselves for their treatment.
Dr. Robin Thoman

Why choose Paradox Dental?

Paradox Dental is your Southside Indianapolis area dental home for the complete care of your oral health. Dr. Carole and Dr. Robin Thoman offer patients of all ages individualized care for the maintenance of a healthy smile and advanced treatment options for complex needs and cosmetic concerns.

Our team approach to your dentistry means comprehensive evaluation and care under one roof. From mercury-free dentistry to oral surgery and implant dentistry, Drs. Thoman are dedicated to helping you achieve a smile that is comfortable, functional and beautiful.