TMJ Treatment Southside Indianapolis, IN

TMJ Treatment An Overview

Jaw pain? Headaches? Tired jaws or difficulty chewing?

These are all common signs of an underlying bite disorder or TMJ related disorder. When the temporomandibular joint or “TMJ” is damaged, stressed or dysfunctional it can lead to problems with the fit and function of the bite. Patients often experience discomfort that can impact their daily quality of life. Drs. Carole and Robin Thoman provide comprehensive care for your dental health needs and can work with you to address a TMJ related disorder with the goal of relieving symptoms and restoring oral health.

Common Signs of a TMJ Disorder

There is a wide range of common symptoms for a TMJ disorder, from minor to more complex problems.

  • Frequent headaches
  • Difficulty chewing properly
  • Ear pain, ringing in the ears
  • Popping, clicking jaw sounds
  • Neck, shoulder pain
  • Signs of teeth grinding: damaged and/or worn teeth

The key to lasting and effective treatment for a TMJ related disorder is to identify the underlying cause of symptoms. There is a range of causes that can lead to problems with the function of the bite from malocclusion to trauma. If there is tooth damage from teeth grinding, this should also be addressed as part of your overall treatment plan.

TMJ Treatment What to Expect

Dr. Robin or Dr. Carole Thoman will thoroughly evaluate the condition and function of your occlusal system, looking for signs of wear and imbalance that could be the cause of your TMJ related concerns and discomfort. A personalized treatment plan will be designed to address your unique needs with the most conservative and least invasive approach.

  • Mouthguard, nightguard: a custom oral appliance that fits like a sports mouthguard can be designed to prevent teeth grinding and allow the jaw to relax in a natural position. This will reduce stress and muscle tension in the jaw joints, a common cause of painful symptoms.
  • Restorative dentistry: to address tooth damage and wear, we may recommend tooth bonding, dental crowns and other restorative treatments.
  • Orthodontics: if malocclusion is preventing the teeth from making proper contact and leading to teeth grinding and muscle tension, we may recommend using braces to straighten your smile. Dr. Thoman is an Indianapolis Invisalign provider and can offer this discreet option when appropriate.
Dr. Robin Thoman

Why choose Paradox Dental?

Paradox Dental is your Southside Indianapolis area dental home for the complete care of your oral health. Dr. Carole and Dr. Robin Thoman offer patients of all ages individualized care for the maintenance of a healthy smile and advanced treatment options for complex needs and cosmetic concerns.

Our team approach to your dentistry means comprehensive evaluation and care under one roof. From mercury-free dentistry to oral surgery and implant dentistry, Drs. Thoman are dedicated to helping you achieve a smile that is comfortable, functional and beautiful.