Dentist in Greenwood, IN

Paradox Dental is a family dental practice in South Indianapolis, serving patients in the Greenwood area. Drs. Robin and Carol Thoman provide personalized and experienced care for your general, cosmetic and restorative dental care needs in a caring environment.

Our patients benefit from the team approach to their dental care needs and aesthetic goals. Drs. Robin and Carol have developed complementary skills in all aspects of dentistry and work together for the best possible outcome. Helping you and your family enjoy a beautiful, healthy and stable smile is the goal of your treatment in our office.

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Smile Restoration in Greenwood

Paradox Dental can provide complete dental care for the repair and replacement of teeth. From minor chips to cracked and missing teeth, our team is equipped to evaluate and address your needs in a comprehensive manner.

Tooth damage can cause concerns related to both the appearance and health of your smile no matter how minor it may seem. Small chips can lead to larger cracks and eroding tooth enamel over time and should be examined in our office at your earliest convenience.

Why are my teeth cracked?

We offer a range of options for treating damaged or cracked teeth and will take the time to diagnose the cause if trauma has not occurred. It is not uncommon to experience tooth damage as a result of teeth grinding and bite disorders. From tooth bonding to porcelain veneers and crowns, we can help you restore the integrity of your teeth and smile.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Paradox Dental offers complete services for dental implants under one roof. From exam and diagnostics to placement of your final restoration, our office is your resource for a permanent new smile.

Drs. Thoman place all types of dental implants and will provide a thorough evaluation of the condition of your complete smile to determine if they are the best solution for your needs. While most patients will be considered candidates for implants, if there is not enough stable and healthy jaw bone in which to place the implants we may recommend grafting or alternative tooth replacement options.

Making Over Smiles in Greenwood

A smile makeover can offer a subtle or dramatic change to the appearance of your smile depending on your needs and goals. From something as simple as a professional teeth whitening to custom porcelain veneers that can address a wide range of cosmetic concerns, Paradox Dental can offer the personalized dental care you need for a beautiful result.

Starting with a consultation, we can work with you to design, create and achieve a new smile that will complement your appearance and boost your confidence in social and professional interactions.

Schedule A Dental Appointment

Are you ready to experience the difference in dentistry that we offer at Paradox Dental? We welcome new patients from Greenwood and many communities in the south side of Indianapolis. To schedule an appointment contact us at (317) 865-1300 or request one online.