Teeth Grinding Southside Indianapolis, IN

Do you grind your teeth at night?

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching are often symptoms of a bite problem or TMJ-related disorder. They can be caused by a bite problem, and can also contribute to the development of one if stress is the underlying cause. Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding can lead to tooth damage and increases muscle tension in your jaw. This can cause headaches, neck pain, and overall discomfort.

How do You Treat Bruxism?

Before recommending a means of treating teeth grinding, our Southside Indianapolis dentists will evaluate your oral health, discuss lifestyle habits, and your medical health history to identify the underlying cause. The most conservative treatment for teeth grinding is the use of a mouthguard or night guard. This is a custom-made oral appliance designed to allow your jaw to rest in a natural position and prevent teeth grinding. A mouthguard is typically worn at night or when feeling stressed. It is effective if there are no other dental problems to be addressed.

If teeth are worn, chipped or cracked due to teeth grinding we will restore them using appropriate treatments such as tooth bonding and dental crowns. Enabling the teeth to make proper contact when biting reduces the risk of damage and muscle tension in your jaw joints.

Fix Worn Teeth Due to Grinding

Paradox Dental addresses the problems of worn and damaged teeth with a variety of treatment options. Bruxism is usually the underlying cause. Restoring balance to the bite with restorative and cosmetic procedures is as important as addressing the appearance of your damaged teeth.

Treatment for worn teeth:

  • Dental crowns: dental crowns serve as a “cap” for a damaged or filled tooth, strengthening it and avoiding tooth loss.
  • Porcelain veneers: dental veneers can be used to cover damaged teeth in the “smile zone”, also covering stains and imperfections.
  • Tooth bonding: your dentist may use tooth bonding to address cracks, chips, and worn down enamel by reshaping the tooth’s surface.
  • Dental fillings: cosmetic fillings can fill in the cavities that are created from teeth grinding.

It is important to remember that teeth do not grow back! If your teeth have become worn, schedule a visit with your dentist at Paradox Dental in Southside Indianapolis, IN. Begin the process of restoring your dental health and improving your smile today. Schedule an appointment online.