What Does It Mean If My Gums Are Bleeding?

Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

Brushing too hard, injury, pregnancy, and inflammation are all factors that can contribute to bleeding gums. Gum inflammation can cause redness, swelling, and tenderness, and it can be a sign of gum diseases, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Such disease can occur from proper cleaning of your tooth and or plaque removal.

What Might Be Causing My Gums To Bleed?

Most likely, your gums are bleeding due to some stage of gum disease. If your gums are only bleeding with some inflammation, then you may just be in the beginning stages of gum disease, which is called Gingivitis. Gingivitis is completely treatable and is usually painless.

Do not let gingivitis go untreated as doing so could result in gingivitis graduating into periodontitis, which is a much more serious version of gum disease-causing potential tooth loss and gum recession.

Tips To Prevent Your Gums From Bleeding

  • Practice Good Oral Hygiene
    • Routine brushing and flossing can help minimize your risk of developing gum disease. Plaque buildup is one of the leading causes of gum disease. Regular brushing and flossing can help keep plaque at bay and keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition.
  • Avoid Using Tobacco Products
    • Smoking can weaken your body’s immune system, making it harder for your body to eliminate bad bacteria; this can lead to gum disease. Smoking can also increase your risk of developing other serious health concerns such as lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke.
  • Eat Better
    • Attempt to eat and maintain a healthier smile, not only for your oral health but for your overall health as well. Try to incorporate foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, sweet potatoes, red peppers or carrots. Also, foods that are loaded with Vitamin K such as spinach, collard greens, and kale.
  • Routine Check-Ups
    • Drs. Thoman and our team at Paradox Dental recommend that you visit us every six months for a routine checkup to make sure you are happy with your smile and its function. Also, this will help us recognize any potential issues before that turn into a major issue.


If you notice bleeding gums or any other symptom of gum disease, contact our Indianapolis dental office to schedule a screening. We accept new patients and provide complete dental care in one convenient location.